Single Women New York, New York, NY, Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
 Location:New York New York
 Zip Code:10022
 Age:57, Gemini
 Height:5 ft. 6 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dark Brown, Blue
 Body:Above average
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No
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About Me
I am into ONLY great communicators from your very FIRST message, so if you have NOTHING to say please DO NOT BOTHER ME, or IF you have NO PHOTOS SHOWING, do NOT send me a message!!! Without PHOTOS your message will NOT Be opened, only DELETED UNREAD and YOU'LL BE BLOCKED FROM ME PERMANENTLY.... also if your message isn't of SUBSTANTIAL ""LENGTH"", and INTERESTING and INTELLIGENT, it will be UNopened and deleted from my Inbox UNREAD.... also your CLEAR, CLOSEUP FACIAL PHOTO is MANDATORY so I can SEE your face CLEARLY and brightly LIT, and only loaded publically RIGHT HERE, and automatically showing PUBLICALLY on each of your messages, or sorry, no response from me either. I do NOT view photos anywhere else, certainly NOT at private emails addresses, I do not give that out to strangers, nor do I have tolerance for those who are HIDING their photos from their wives, girlfriends, etc. There are NO exceptions to this under any circumstances. Please don't waste your time writing to me without your photo instantly SHOWING first... >

And I don't accept "Friend" requests for various reasons not necessary to list...and you must only send a LETTER, NOT a Wink, nor any of those quickie one click 'testers' to see if someone will answer..and please not a simple, empty "Hi, How are you's", i pass up those as well looking for something intelligent and interesting instead, and don't respond to them either, they're a waste of time. Sorry but I only open full, handtyped messages of interest, so if you have nothing to say, I'm sorry, we're just not compatible, and don't want to waste either of our time, I don't even open Winks. Please must read all of below if contacting me, and you're invited to do so only if you're Caucasian, over age 50, over 5'10" absolute minimum, and 6' or over preferable, a professional, or retired, or self-employed [please state doing what], and good communicator in both writing and verbally. You MUST have a Large, Clear, Closup photo of your FACE, NO mere 'long shots', nor scenery, pets, cars, etc. YOU are all that interests me lol and NO Baseball Caps, NO sunglasses [the eyes are the windows of the soul and the first thing I look at]. I get to initially know everyone right HERE first, since that's what these Dialogue Boxes are conveniently and courteously provided FOR. Please do NOT ask me to call you immediately NOR run out for coffee, drinks, NOR even dinner prematurely until ample time and conversation has taken place, and an interest has been cultivated on BOTH sides, to consider first talking on the phone, as second stage, then perhaps meeting down the road. Looking forward to hearing from you IF all the Criterias are met. And again, PHOTO is Mandatory, or I immediately delete message unread. Thanks SO much. {I see that strangely, the ORDER of my Priorities below were totally scrambled and not in the procession of how they were written, tried but cannot change them BACK again. lol) And remember PLEASE send me a LETTER if you want a response, NO WINKS. And no exercize and Sports fanatics PLEASE, despise both lol, and am into more of the cerebral and cultural activities being a Born & Bred Midtown Manhattanite. I spent over half a Century [and proud of it] expending myself physically and otherwise, now enjoying settling down with a companion to possibly share the same lifestyle. I'm NOT the outdoorsy type, we get our exercise 'walking' lol, [daily erands, etc] that's enough for ME, but no walking 'dates'. I'm more of the mind than the body when it comes to that, which is 'our' lifestyle, so there would be a conflict IF getting 'involved' on an ongoing basis. Just trying to narrow everything down to save time, not only mine, but yours as well, which is what these profiles are intended FOR. I know this LOOKS like a lot in 'writing', and I add to it every time a situation comes up... but we all have our preferences just as *I* do, some even more of them which they're not honest about, but it's better to get them all out right away so no one wastes their time and is disappointed later. Believe me, I MEAN what I say above, I hate when men think women DON'T, and just ignore their preferrences and 'want what they want' despite everything she says. And the actual BOTTOM LINE is that I do NOT read profiles when people write to me [I only ANSWER mail that's sent to me, I never search nor look through profiles]. So it's ONLY everyone's personal one on one letters to ME, and their level and quality and compatible conversation that I go by. So please don't ask "If I'm Interested" when you write. There is nothing to BE interested in yet, until ample and ongoing conversation right here has taken place over a while, and that's not a question which should be asked anyway. If I am, you'll KNOW IT eventually down the road and no NEED to ask.. lol

Want To Find:A man ages 50 to 90 to date
I Like:
Anthropology, Elegant Celebrity Club Owner, Fine Dining, Interior Designer, Literature, Metaphysics, Musical Theatre, Oil Portraitist, Philosophy, Psychology, Published Writer, Sculptress, Stylist, Theatrical Set Designer
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