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Single Women Bradenton, Florida, FL, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
 Location:Bradenton Florida
 Zip Code:34210
 Age:33, Virgo
 Height:5 ft. 2 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Blonde, Blue
 Religion:Not Religious
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:Associate's Degree
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Smoke Regularly
 Has Kids:Yes, not living with me
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About Me
What about me? Hmmmmm, what could I say, and where do i start? I recently realized that nothing in life really matters at all and love is just a crazy mixed up emotion. It does exist, but it's one sided; in every instance. Reading this far should already made any half-way intelligent person realize that I'm extremely neurotic. There shouldn't be anything more to life than love, but that in no way is that the case. People are materialistic, compulsive, and usually have a hidden agenda. Please realize that I'm not bitter, I just finally view life the way it really is: painful, bleak, dark, and short. Love brings hope, and hope is a persons greatest strength and also an entry way into insanity. I wear my heart on my sleeve and in no way am I ashamed of it. I'm riddled with scars: literally and metaphorically. There was a time that i would cringe if you saw them, but they are wounds none the less some have healed while others are just there... festering, but in time they too will heal, and be just a mark, a memory. Some memories are scars because they tell a painful story. Much like many of mine. Pain: something I no longer fear. I welcome it with open arms. I have survived my worst fear, there's nothing I fear any longer. Why would there be anything to fear? I've lost the one thing that mattered but I still stand, no it's time to move on with life. I do constantly bite my finger nails, once i thought it was from an anxiety brought on by fear, but it's not. It's from a feeling of anticipation. I anticipate being let down. I think that's the only constant in my life. I'm not one of those brooding, self loathing, punk asses that stays home and is constantly bitter. I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm eccentric, but not an outcast. I may seem shy at first but once I open up my main goal is to make you laugh. I may also seem judgmental. Also something I'm not, unless I'm judged first. Don't make me be either cause I can be brutal. I'm not an ignorant person and I'm very open minded but unfortunately I'm not "free willed", I let my emotions get the best of the me; especially when I'm judged. My shyness makes it hard for me to open up to people, but once I do you'll find out I'm an attention wh*re. All in all, I'm just a dork. I actually use my friendliness and silliness to mask how I really feel inside. One of my biggest catastrophic down falls is that I'm too kind hearted. I'm often surrounded by broken promises and people that let me down. I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to people that will hurt me in the long run whether be it friendship, relationship, or someone that I just met off the street that was in distress. Everyone says this: "you'll never meet a person like me!" That's so cliche. I hate hearing that (or reading that on here). Trust me you won't. Don't let my appearance fool you or even let your first impression do the same. I don't have a perfect body, it's actually something I'm rather ashamed of, I'm not a preppy money obsessed girl, I'm not some socialite that's the life of the party either. Do I enjoy to be surrounded by people that would consider me friends? Yes. Truthfully are most people I know really friends? No. I would be just as pleased sitting at home reading a book or creating a new illustration. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have experienced a lot of things that have happened in my life, but then I wouldn't be who I am today. And who I am today is a stronger person with no regrets that's just trying to rebuild a broke dream. Actually No that's not true I'm not trying to rebuild a broken dream. I'm trying to start over and build a new dream and live life the way I want from now on. With the rules that have been only set by me.
Find me on facebook: kimberlysierra2009@live.com

Want To Find:A man ages 24 to 30 to date
I Like:
crazy, heart, intelligent, laugh, open minded, reading

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