Single Women Knoxville, Tennessee, TN, Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
 Location:Knoxville Tennessee
 Zip Code:37918
 Age:35, Leo
 Height:5 ft. 4 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dirty Blonde, Blue
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:High School
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:Yes, not living with me
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About Me
First off my name is Amber. I am 26 and loving every second. I am a kind and giving
person who cares alot about the people in my life. If you know anything about me you
know I love to be happy and laugh. Why waste life with drama? It will only age you and
that is absolutly the last thing I want to do. I would love to find someone who brings out
the best in me so I can return the favor and bring out the very best in them.
I'd love to make you smile and believe me it want be very hard I am a cut up I've had years
of practice and that is something I take pride in. I would love to find a man who I can click with.
A man who loves life, a man that takes things seriously yet knows when to let his guard down and
roll with it.
Trust is a huge part of a relationship. I am not a jelous person by any means. Everyone
deserves the right to have friends male or female. My experiance is if you back off and show the person
your with trust they will keep comming back where as someone who tends to be jelous can't seem to hold on
to anyone. I am not going to smother you or get clingy its really not me. I totally understand if its your
night off and you want to spend it with the guys, I want even question it. I love men who are into sports.
Nascar not so much but I'm the type of girl that loves to watch a man watching a football game while ignoring me
when i am walking through in my cutest outfit trying to get his attention however hopeless it may be .
I am the kind of girl that dosen't say the L word easily. I have to know I mean it before I say it but when I do
just know that it is from the heart. I am done playing games. I am not looking for anyone to play games with.
I hate it when I send someone a text asking a simple question and don't get a response until 4-5 hours later.
If you are busy I understand but come on how hard is it to text yes or no? Waiting can be good to a certain
extent but its not good on the heart to have to wonder to much. As you can tell I am a girl that knows what I want
and I am determined to find exactlly that.
If you are wondering what I am looking for as far as my type well then here you go. You do not have to be drop dead sexy,
you do not have to have a rock hard body and a nice set of abs.
I have had 2 children so my abs are not as tight as they could be however, I don't have skin so loose I can slap my
face with it. But you have to have a good and open sense of humor. I do not like the type of man who carrys his feelings
on his shoulders. I need a man who dosen't get easily offended. I am not very political at all. I do have my
opinions but I am not going to push them on you so having said that I do not like pushy and persistant men.
You have an opinion good for you but I do not want to feel like I am dating a feminist that should be standing
on the side of the street conner with a protest sign screaming some type of catchy remark to prove a point.
I say live and let live. Let me be the woman in the relationship. I want a man who knows what he wants. Someone
who is spontainious and can be unpredictable at times. I need someone who can keep up with me and someone I can keep up
with as well. I am not into a man with alot of tattos and percings I think sometimes it can be hot but when your
arms are sleeved and you have so many percings that it takes you 5 mins to explain them all or if you could be in a freak
show its really to much. I don't have any tattos or percings myself except for the percings I have in my ears. I am
not looking for a man to put me up or buy me alot of things I don't really need. I am independant but not overly independant
I am happy in my own skin and what I have. Its sad how so many wemon today are looking for a man to put them up and find someone
who will spend a ton of money on them and help them maintain thier bank accounts. That is not me. I have 2 boys 6 and 9
however I do not want them meeting anyone for the time being. I would like to find someone who can respect the fact that I
am a mother but also respect me because I don't want my kids being confused.
If you made it this far and your still hanging in there then you must be crazy but ok If you
want to know more about me and warped sense of humor, my likes, my dislikes and what makes a girl like me tick then send me an email....

Want To Find:A man ages 28 to 40 to date
I Like:
alot of things, crazy, dating, football, games, Giving, heart, humor, laugh, Loving, playing, playing games, sense of humor, sports, walking, watching

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