Single Men Saint Cloud, Minnesota, MN, Dirty Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes
 Location:Saint Cloud Minnesota
 Zip Code:56304
 Age:30, Scorpio
 Height:5 ft. 11 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dirty Blonde, Hazel
 Body:Full figured
 Education:High School
 Income:Less than $25,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No
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About Me
Hi, my name is Elliot Merle Wilson. I'm a 29-year-old Caucasian male with tons of mental disorders and a traumatized childhood (my father was very abusive), yet I'm overall a very sweet guy, honestly. I believe very strongly in social justice for women, female empowerment, and traditional Feminist values. I'm looking for a decent relationship that hopefully leads to something meaningful with someone who becomes special to me and grows very close to my heart. White, black, Hispanic, it doesn't matter to me what color you are or what ethnic or national background you come from, though I suspect it would help having someone with similar political views (I voted for Barack Obama twice and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and I am extremely passionate about rights for workers, minorities, women, and LGBT people as well as fighting discrimination and injustice).

My exact address will be released if you get to know me better, but probably not for a very long time. *chuckle* Despite my weight and somewhat frumpy appearance, I'm a rather cuddly guy who hugs his pillow literally every single night dreaming and pretending it's my one true love falling asleep in my arms after a tender night of lovemaking, and I dream of all sorts of touching, hugging, and all the traditional romantic stuff. I hate confrontation, I dislike disorder, and I can get passionate and obsessed about things, perhaps way too much so. Regardless, I do have my own strengths like everyone else does. It's my dream to get married, take my wife's last name, have kids, and tend home, but getting out there will be a bit tough since I've never had a girlfriend and by nature I stay inside and don't go out a lot.

Some of my favorite interests include playing video games, reading books, writing fanfiction, watching animes (my favorite animes include things like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Fate/Stay Night) and I'm mostly a stay-at-home type person, which I think would help a lot when raising kids. I'm a nineties kid at heart and I look back to the 1990s (my childhood!) with a lot of happiness, remembering those times fondly. If I could go back to any other time in history that would make me the happiest in the world, it would be the nineties. I love cats, and I have four of them living with me, my mom, and my older half-brother (he's 40). Due to my mental disorders, I find that maintaining a steady job is hard, but I have worked, it's just I never finished high school because retaining information happens a lot slower with me and I was a very slow learner growing up (it is very possible I have a learning disability and it's uncertain whether it's autism or some type of personality disorder).

If you decide I'm worth it, I'd love to take it slowly, texting first, then calling, then meeting somewhere in public, and then working together to build a stronger future with one another. What do I have to offer? I will never beat you, never dismiss your concerns and take them seriously, I will talk to you, and hopefully not rush into the sack right away, though I am still a virgin. And if by some cruel act of nature you ended up sexually assaulted, I would not dump you, or toss you to the side, or call you "damaged goods," and I would make damn sure we could get used to making love comfortably again. I will not pressure a woman into making love to me or rushing into marriage, but I admit I can get very impatient because lots of times it feels like it's never going to happen, that I will be alone for the rest of my life. I can be picky when it comes to a partner, though, like how I want someone who does not currently have their own children (I want 'em from scratch), I hate smoking with a passion, and excessively overweight women are a turn-off, though that last one may be hypocritical, but with me at least I would admit that it is hypocrisy since I am not blind to my flaws. I WOULD like to try to do more, to explore more and go out more, and if you feel like that would be worth it, we could go out places together.

I don't drive (I get very nervous driving after getting hit by a car in 2007), but I think I would spare no expense in treating you like a proper lady. That's my greatest asset, I believe. I want to find my significant other to treat like a real woman - not talking down to her, but supporting her, loving her, and attending to her every need, and perhaps nourishing a few of the more traditional values without being sexist, though like I've said, I am inexperienced in matters of love and sex and relationships, and I can be incredibly shy. If you feel in your heart that we could make this work out, then hit me up with a private message or an email! I live in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and I'm hoping to meet someone preferably close by. My email is and my Skype username is "Yukaphile." (tagline: "Yuka is love. Yuka is life.") I'll be waiting!

Want To Find:A woman ages 20 to 38 to date
I Like:
anime, Animorphs, books, cats, Dragon Ball Z, fanfiction, Harry Potter, history, movies, philosophy, Pokemon, politics, ReBoot, sitcoms, Star Trek, Star Wars, TV, video games
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