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3/3/2012 9:32:01 AMGoodbye datehookup 
Marlton, NJ
33, joined Dec. 2011

Thanks to listenin to my friend about this site ive meant a couple of different people . But only one really has my attention. Reguardless of what I mentioned what they shall have he still gave ut a try. Thats all I really wanted someone honest and open from the beginning. Instead of deletin his message nd tellin him get back to me whn he got his stuff together. Which he said he would I decided to say *uck it you only live once and I didnt wanna pass this up cuz I kept gettin this feeling. So I decided to give him my number we texted in the beginnin thn txtn lead to talkin. Which I hate talkin on the phone but this man was different. Talkin with him was fun all we did was laugh or we could hear eachothers smiles First date we had we shared plenty of laughs together. Even though I was lil nervous all things worked out. After first date we continued to meet up. Like I always have said its the lilttle things that matter . Ne1 can get u somethin big or expensive bu t somethin so small to somethin that u might wear shows how much of a listener he is From there on whoever hit me up called etc I wasnt really interested . Visits to eachother have continued With that being said I really dont see any need to stay on this site. But I sure am happy I started.. Who knows what my future might. But hopefully he will continue to make me smile..

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3/3/2012 12:18:00 PMGoodbye datehookup 
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Evansville, IN
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Good luck.

See you next month.

3/5/2012 12:25:02 AMGoodbye datehookup 
Cabot, PA
32, joined Dec. 2011

Well i met someone here as well and i want to show her she the only one for me. D i wilk do anthing hooe she gets this and knows that shes it i found her thanks dhu ur great

3/8/2012 11:27:33 PMGoodbye datehookup 
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Boulder, CO
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hope your good fortune continues and you have found forever happiness.