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12/24/2007 9:19:37 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,686)
Arcadia, MO
68, joined Sep. 2007

Just wanted to tell everyone that I have made countless friends on this site and I'm planning on leaving in January. Seems this man swept me off my feet and I'm either going to Idaho or he's moving here to Missouri. I will miss you all and especially the 50+ forums. Dreams can happen!!!

Good Luck to all of you in finding what you want!!!!

[Edited 12/24/2007 9:25:26 PM ]

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12/24/2007 9:32:05 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

I have not been on the site as long as Butter but I know that this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have made friends on this site and some Ihope to stay in touch with . One of my threads asked "Do Dating Sites work the answer is a definate YES espicially this one . Another thing is that LDR can work we are proof if you truely love dsomeone don't let distance stand in the way. I didn't and neither did this beautiful intellegent woman I met

12/24/2007 10:32:49 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Brooklyn, MS
56, joined Nov. 2007

Congraulations!!! To each of you, I wish you the best of luck, and all the happiness in the world.


12/25/2007 12:00:27 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,686)
Arcadia, MO
68, joined Sep. 2007

Thank you Mack and you'll always be my honest to God straight talking friend who helped me through some rough parts of this year. I mean who else was I going to ask about my electrical short or my leaky toilet---LOL All kidding aside, the only man friend that I have ever had that was always there but wise enough to know we were both too stubborn to be anything else. Good luck my friend!!!


12/25/2007 7:24:57 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 

Spring, TX
72, joined Oct. 2007

My Beloved Friends how very happy I am that you found each other. May you both have a very happy life together with an abundance of blessings. I love you both dearly. Hope that you will stay in touch with your friends here at DH as we do love you so and would miss your presence.


12/25/2007 8:20:36 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

Thank you to both of you for your well wishes. Suzy it's all your fault you introduced me to DHU. Sorry I'm putting a man out of work but if I need ahand with a electrical or leaky tolet I hope I can count on you

12/25/2007 3:07:06 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (12,771)
Wayne, NJ
65, joined Apr. 2007

good luck to you both but why not do what EMT does--she's married met her man here but still posts here--you can do that too esp on the 50's group--ok i tried here--don't goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

12/25/2007 8:57:46 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

Thank You, Soprano, For your well wishes. As tostaying on I have emailed Dustin about creating a new group for Alumni those who have graduated from DHUso that we can stay in touch with whats going on. Don't know what he will think about it but we are going to try and stay in touch with some of our friends

12/25/2007 11:40:36 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 

Over 4,000 Posts! (6,886)
Ash Grove, MO
62, joined Jun. 2007

You don't have to have permission to stay. We took a vote and we want both of you to stay with us. That way we will know if it all works out. You can advise us as a couple. So I am with soprano when I say don't gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Lots of love and best wishes!

12/26/2007 5:03:48 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,495)
Lake City, TN
69, joined Nov. 2007

I just can't believe it. You are two of the most precious people I have had in my life in ages and now you might be gone. To try to even mention the depth of feeling and compassion you have had for me would be too great a task. I thank you so much.

I know I instantly found Good attractive when I first signed on here. His quiet strength is inspiring. His ability to talk to women without talking down to them is a blessing. His honesty is overpowering. He is truly one of the finest men I know.

Butter struck my eye right off as being one of the most beautiful women I've seen. The kind I always wanted to look like. Her looks were nothing compared to her words. Her way of tempering the bad with the good was astounding. She is like a magnet. She has wit, kindness, and honesty. A rare woman indeed.

Thus, it makes absolute sense that these two hearts find each other. I knew right off when Good told me he had a special someone just who that someone was. I finally told him I knew who it was. And......he actually asked me how I knew.
Anyone not to know would have had to be blind. I just couldn't picture anyone else with either of you.

Enjoy the most marvelous years of your life together.....my dearest friends.
I love you both...... Best wishes.

12/26/2007 5:30:25 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,686)
Arcadia, MO
68, joined Sep. 2007

Now I'm blushing hearing all these fine things about us and I never blush!!!
All of you have a special place in our hearts and truly hope you find that special want that you are looking for. I personally wouldn't have gotten through this last year without all of you......you did good!!!!!!

About staying............if we do, it will be as invisible and I'm sure we won't have as much time as we do now to be here but we'll try to pop in now and then. GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND THANK YOU ALL!!!!

12/26/2007 6:04:01 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

Thank You PKK and Sugah your words are very much appreiated

12/26/2007 6:59:39 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 4,000 Posts! (4,234)
Benton Harbor, MI
68, joined Nov. 2007

I hope you two have a great life together!

12/26/2007 9:57:57 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,686)
Arcadia, MO
68, joined Sep. 2007

Thank you Moose........psst! still a great kisser and dancer in the Virtual Mistletoe Party!!! and a great sport with all my teasing of you, friend!

12/27/2007 5:21:11 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 2,000 Posts (2,165)
Appleton, WI
63, joined Nov. 2007

OMG I just read this..Congratulations you two..Im so happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

12/27/2007 5:34:06 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 2,000 Posts (3,915)
Johnstown, PA
64, joined Jun. 2007

congratulations and my both your dreams come true

12/28/2007 7:28:05 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

Gee Thanks all three of you. this thread is on page two I'm indeed humbled. I would say sppeechless but that would be a fib a big fib. Just know your wishes for good luck are deeply appreiated

12/28/2007 10:53:52 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 

Herrin, IL
69, joined May. 2007

Congratulations to both of you. May your marriage be one made in Heaven.

12/29/2007 12:02:04 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boerne, TX
63, joined Dec. 2007

OMG! It is so cool that you two have found each other on this online dating forum. I am new to this site but not online dating. I have not been successful but I know someday I will be! So, I will keep dreaming! God has a destiny and a plan for us all! I wish you both all the best!

12/29/2007 6:55:25 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 

Over 1,000 Posts (1,041)
Sanger, TX
65, joined Jun. 2007

Congratulations and good luck ! May you live long and prosper !

12/30/2007 1:24:57 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Pineville, LA
28, joined Nov. 2007

Awwwww!! That's so cute! I'm happy for you both and hopefully someday I'll be as happy as you two are together!! Good luck and best wishes to both of you!!

12/30/2007 1:32:24 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 4,000 Posts! (5,138)
Omaha, NE
64, joined May. 2007

Wonderful! I wish you two the best. Are MO taxes are better than ID? Either state will be lucky to get either of you. Good luck and please keep us posted.

12/30/2007 11:12:23 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 2,000 Posts (3,601)
Granville, WV
65, joined Dec. 2007

New here, just wanted to say congratulations! My wish for you both is a long life together. Would have been nice getting to know you both, maybe you will check in sometime and say hello! God Bless You!!!!

1/1/2008 12:43:00 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 1,000 Posts (1,686)
Arcadia, MO
68, joined Sep. 2007

Thank all of you for your kindness here and we've decided we will hang around longer....just not looking for anything but wonderful friends here!!!

Everyone please have a Happy New Year in 2008!!!!
And Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!!!!!!!

1/1/2008 2:22:30 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Boise, ID
78, joined Nov. 2007

Allof you who have wished us well are deeply appreiated. I hope that Butter and my sucess will give hope to others. There is hope even in LDR. When I joined this site I was about to give up ( See Dating Sites Do They Work) I'm glad I didn't . It has been a long search but worth it

1/3/2008 12:27:03 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 2,000 Posts (2,486)
Homosassa, FL
71, joined Nov. 2007

I am so very happy for you two lovebirds.
As you enter this important endeavor
in your lives I wish you every hapiness.
You both are so special to me.
wishing you both lasting happiness.

1/3/2008 7:54:01 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 4,000 Posts! (5,992)
Devils Elbow, MO
71, joined Sep. 2007

Glad to hear it for you both.. don't mean you guy's have to go away.. ???

1/5/2008 6:42:08 AMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 7,500 Posts!! (7,712)
Dallas, TX
43, joined Jun. 2007

Congratuations Butterfly and Goodoleboy. I wish you the best. Take care of each other and enjoy every moment together!

1/5/2008 1:42:52 PMButterfly and Goodoleboy 
Over 4,000 Posts! (7,301)
San Clemente, CA
48, joined Jul. 2007

goodoleboy, you have good taste my man