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3/9/2009 10:03:06 PMFound Mr. Right 
Odenton, MD
41, joined Jan. 2009

Just wanted everyone to know that I found a WONDERFUL man on here!!! It just seems so right and I NEVER thought that I'd find someone so wonderful on a site. I was new to this and didn't really expect much but I'm so glad that I gave it a try.... Keep up the search and hopefully you have the luck that Nick and I had and find someone that you can be with and be happier then you've ever been....

Good Luck to all!!!!

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3/9/2009 10:05:13 PMFound Mr. Right 

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Omaha, NE
62, joined Jul. 2007

cool for you! Congrats!

3/9/2009 11:37:31 PMFound Mr. Right 
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Boulder, CO
98, joined Jun. 2008

hope your love just grows and grows......

3/11/2009 12:08:47 PMFound Mr. Right 

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Eastpointe, MI
68, joined Aug. 2007

That is Great

3/13/2009 6:08:07 PMFound Mr. Right 

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La Feria, TX
53, joined Apr. 2008

4/2/2009 5:24:40 PMFound Mr. Right 
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Westfield, MA
53, joined Aug. 2008

4/2/2009 5:33:35 PMFound Mr. Right 
Midlothian, VA
61, joined Jan. 2009

i also found the women i will marry in the near future,i had overlooked her profile a few times for about a month and a half and then decided to wink at her she wink back,then i waited a while longer than i should have and then i emailed her and the rest is our own little love story,i love her so...so...so much.she's the perfect one for me and i love her to death.i don't ever want to be without her in my life.

4/2/2009 5:37:06 PMFound Mr. Right 
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Lebanon, OH
56, joined Sep. 2007

Very happy for you both ,Hope you have a wonderful future!

4/2/2009 5:37:59 PMFound Mr. Right 
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Kent, OH
42, joined Aug. 2008

Grats yelserp

4/8/2009 1:38:42 AMFound Mr. Right 
Walford, IA
90, joined Mar. 2009

I see alot of women or men saying on here that the've met their true love, the right one, etc. I'd love to see the other person say something on here as well as to how they feel. You know, like both sides of the story. Helps me get perspective from both sexes.

4/8/2009 8:29:37 AMFound Mr. Right 
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Keokuk, IA
62, joined Jan. 2009

Hope... I agree. Let them both tell thier story. Would make things interesting...

And to the OP...Congrats!!!

4/18/2009 6:06:38 PMFound Mr. Right 

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Bedford, IN
61, joined Feb. 2008