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2/4/2009 12:34:19 PMHow many of us have lifelong friends? 
Calgary, AB
67, joined Feb. 2008

I was introduced to Debbie when we were 8 years old. She had just moved to my hometown from what seemed to me a whole different world (but only a province away). We quickly became best friends, as is often said, "like sisters".

Over the years, we've both moved around a lot & have lost touch on many occasions but it never lasts. I never cease to think of her & she of me (especially when birthdays roll around with increasing frequency.)

This summer it'll be 50 years we've known each other. Half a century! I wonder if longterm friendships will become a thing of the past when the word "FRIEND" is so casual in the computer social sites?

Feel free to share your stories of friendships or express your views on the definition of FRIEND.

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2/4/2009 10:50:35 PMHow many of us have lifelong friends? 
Over 2,000 Posts (2,168)
Calgary, AB
65, joined Dec. 2007

Hi, 2bluiz. I use the term both very carefully and casually. Doesn't make sense? Ok. Well: I do not call acquintances or friends who are situational, such as work comrades or classmates, friends.

I need to trust a person exquisitely, feel like I have a pretty thorough handle on their personality and character, and of course like them, to friend them. Once I am at that point with someone, I am also very loyal, usually forever. (scary, huh!)

Now for the casual part - not sure if that is the right term, but there are a few people on this site that I email with regularly, feel like I know them well, and think of them as friends. Of course, I don't kid myself into thinking these are long term friendships; they are 'right now'. And yes, as your poem says, they will probably leave some sort of foot prints, albeit more like ones left in sand, rather than concrete.

I think anyone who has life long friends is very fortunate. It is someone to share history with, they know where you've been because they have been there with you. I have two friends from childhood and two from high school, and a few years ago, I had a stroke and lost a lot of memory. Guess who was there to fill it in for me?

2/4/2009 11:25:56 PMHow many of us have lifelong friends? 
Over 2,000 Posts (2,187)
Medicine Hat, AB
67, joined Nov. 2008

Ditto Forest

5/9/2009 10:24:26 PMHow many of us have lifelong friends? 
Over 4,000 Posts! (5,349)
Clarksville, AR
76, joined Apr. 2009

My friend is named "Mae" and she is a "true friend" and has always been there for me, Wre have known each other for 40 years.

5/10/2009 2:03:16 PMHow many of us have lifelong friends? 
Calgary, AB
67, joined Feb. 2008

I'm so happy for you that you have had Mae in your life for so many years, Jenny. A good friend makes life so much better & I've found that we don't have to have known someone 'forever' after all. (Thanks for being a good friend, R. )