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5/16/2017 7:23:19 AMWho can manage the west? 

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1964 birthday days and world leader Yang Wenwei ordered: the way to compete in the civil way to choose the management of the Western People's Committee and the Western People's Military Commission of the leading cadres!
Today is Tuesday,In the previous Sunday, talked about who can manage the West
World leader Yang Wenwei: Skype: yangwwst1964, mail: tzsrzx@yahoo.com
Who can manage North America, South America, Oceania?
Competitive selection 1964 lunar January - December birthday of the dragon, 2004 lunar January - December birthday monkey who manages the Western People's Committee, the management of the Western People's Military Commission!
The competitive selection of leading cadres, approved by the world leader Yang Wenwei, sent to the management and management of the western people's Committee and
Western people's military commission,
First trial,
Qualified to become the leading cadres of Western management!
Western People's Committee, Western People's Military Commission Management North America, South America, Oceania
Do not accept any country management,
Listen directly
World People 's Committee
World People's Military Commission leader Yang Wenwei management of the world
Who can manage North America, South America, Oceania? Conditions:
1964 lunar days also world leaders Yang Wenwei respect, there is culture, educated, smart! Did not do bad things, did not make noise, did not cause pollution!
In North America, South America, Oceania, in a civilized way to compete for people who are as good as the ability of the leading cadres, the North America, South America, Oceania established as: advanced cultural technology, people rich areas, people housing free, Increase culture and technology free, 100% free undergraduate, graduate, 100%
In New York, USA
Western People's Committee Western People's Management Committee,
The establishment of leading cadres housing and office buildings,
Organization leading cadres competition choice,
The establishment of leading cadres selection and selection committee,
Listen to the world leader Yang Wenwei's leadership and management,
Handed over to manage the money, to the world leader Yang Wenwei
Reference standard
North America, South America, Oceania to the private organization of the United Nations to pay the money!
Leaders, capitalist choices in civilized countries, Americans, Germans, Britons, Russians, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Africans, men and women, blacks, whites, can participate in competitive options! ,
Culture, science and technology, economic talent, not subject to image and birthday requirements!
The above order can be transferred to the world's people and the world's troops by means of documents and your mobile computer. They are transferred to various websites in the world and can be broadcast
Please compare Chinese accurately translate
2017, May 16th of the year of chicken

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5/16/2017 1:23:03 PMWho can manage the west? 

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You need your head thumped by a extremely large dripping Cawk.

OH and please STFU-HOMO !

5/16/2017 3:25:18 PMWho can manage the west? 
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Dunno but I could manage a beer if you're buyin'

5/16/2017 3:40:05 PMWho can manage the west? 
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Didn't Un just have his gurus do a cyber attack?

I didn't notice

5/16/2017 7:34:36 PMWho can manage the west? 
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Best of luck to yang wee wee.

5/16/2017 7:39:28 PMWho can manage the west? 
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Not reading all that shit!! Cliff notes!

5/16/2017 7:55:49 PMWho can manage the west? 
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I was born in '64, are you looking for me? Can I be the king?