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by tomoko959er at 5/18/2017 1:52:30 PM

The deepest relationships ive had with men had a mutual spiritual component. Of compatibility with one another. I dont have any hangups or problems with sex. However basing a relationship on that alone is shaky grounds.If u only want satisfaction for ur limbido. Dont knock on my door. If we cant be in one anothers best interests forget it. The only thing that prevents people from getting along w each other is the human Ego or Self or the upper case "I". Earthly example? A Throne. This blog is from the leader of the party of one. The lower case "i". Not out to change anyone. Dont believe in converting others. Do believe in Awakening experiences.As it was in my case, When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear". And as it is within so it is-without. And yes i believe there r men out there who know exactly what i mean. Lets chat. Lets hookup. For u men that r like this ur welcome in my home. Look within ur own heart and u will find all the answers u ever wanted to know and u will find them. I dont need ur money, or possessions, or whatever it is u own. Its all irrelevant to me. Its what u r within is what I'm concerned about. To thine own self be true. Love, laugh an enjoy the life uve been given. Whats more important than a gift? Being a Gift.


5/18/2017 2:21:56 PM

Let's hookup? Tsk tsk, teacher is now off the table..

5/18/2017 6:09:30 PM

And to. Make matters worse he's probably a gators fan !GO NOLES!HOW,ABOUT THEM SEMINOLES

5/18/2017 11:48:16 PM

Seriously three stogges,engineers at dh are,working on it

5/19/2017 3:52:13 AM

U have men profile and looking for men?