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Single Man Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
 Location:Baton Rouge Louisiana
 Zip Code:70802
 Age:39, Virgo
 Height:6 ft. 2 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Black, Brown
 Religion:Not Religious
 Education:High School
 Income:Less than $25,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No, and I never want any
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About Me
My name is David and I'm looking for sex with a gay or bisexual man.I'm looking to give someone a bl0wjob or a handjob with no one night stands or games or drama.I'm 100% Versatile and I'm not looking for hustlers asking me to pay them money for sex.I will not pay you for something that should be free.I will not pay for your gasoline,passport,bus,plane,train or taxi cab fares to see or hear from you and I'm not paying for your drug,alcohol,cigarettes or gambling addiction or car or truck payments so don't ask me to pay you for anything.
I'm HIV poz and Undetectable and would never put anyone at risk of contracting the virus.If you feel uncomfortable with my status,Please leave now.I will not tolerate HIVphobic behavior from anyone.Sorry ladies I only suck c*ck and I'm not interested in vaginas or breasts.It's my preference.
I respect all races and ethnicities and will not tolerate any racist or homophobic slurs or name calling used against me.You will be blocked.
Do not message me if you live outside of my area,state or country,you will be ignored.
Serious replies only.
Do not message me if you are a total bottom only looking for anal sex. or if you gonna message me for phone sex.Do not message me if you are gonna send me a message or a smile or wink first and then when I send you a message afterwards then you go silent and stop talking to me and come up with a sob story about your parents,grandparents,family,kids or pets medical,physical or mental conditions as an excuse not to talk to me and then ignoring and deleting my future messages because of yourself or your friends having a hidden grudge against me.That is rude,disrespectful and two-faced and you will be blocked.
Dominate White,Black and Latino top guys are a huge turn on and is welcome.
Do not message me if you don't speak English or don't know anyone who Translates Spanish into English as a primary or secondary language because I only speak English and I don't understand or speak Spanish or any other languages or sign language without Translation just to try and talk to you.
Please message me ONLY IF you are an Adult aged 21 and over and is interested in giving and or receiving blow jobs or handjobs.Do not message me if you are looking for anal sex or is a total bottom or is a underaged minor or you will be ignored.
Do not message me if you are a liar,a troll,a narc or a tattletale looking to start trouble or is already in a relationship with a man or woman.I stayed out of the gay lesbian and bisexual forums on this site because of cyberbullies homophobes and stalkers on there.
Please have a clear and open pic of yourself in your profile before messaging me.Animal pics,baby pics,cartoon character pics or penis and booty pics will not be accepted and I will ignore them.Do not show pics of your penis in your profile if you're not looking for sex or you're gonna be ignored.That is a tease and it is a huge turn-off.
If you gonna message me with sex on your mind,at least show some common courtesy and show a pic of yourself in your profile so I'll know who I'm talking to.If you're gonna message me from a invisible or faceless profile,send me a Friend Request first because I don't respond to profiles with no pics or profiles I can't see.

Want To Find:A gay man ages 21 to 66 to date
I Like:
XBox 360 Playstation 4
My Groups:Gay, Lesbian & Bisexuals
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